Just Being Center

Just Being is an initiative that encourages 'Beingness' or Presence using mindfulness as the base. From this place of 'Beingness' we inquire into what it means to be fully alive, fully human and allow for action, individual and collective, to emerge. Learning, living and serving based on the principles of mindfulness, compassion and wisdom is the central offering. We do so through our trainings, services and community outreach programs.


Just Being Center

Work done so far

  • MiEM (Mindfulness in Education Movement): Under this we have worked with around ten schools in and around Pune for a year and then held a three day retreat on Mindfulness for the Teacher. Continued follow up wherever required. 
  • Mindfulness programs with psychology students and community efforts at St. Mira's, Wadia College, Wadia College of Engineering, Dignity Foundation, Connecting NGO and Parenting groups. 
  • Training programs at the Center for mental health professionals in incorporating Mindfulness for themselves and others (Presence Oriented Psychotherapy, Learning Circles, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Focusing and others)
  • Listening programs for the community at the center
  • Workshops on application of Mindfulness in daily living by facilitators of Mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness for Families bi-annual retreats. Mindfulness practice circles for families.
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for those recovering from depression and anxiety. 


Ongoing and Future Projects

  • Training and capacity building for mental health professionals and others to provide Mindfulness based interventions and Embodied Listening Spaces. 
  • 9 month course in Lay Counseling (Listening with Mindfulness & Embodied Presence) 
  • Introductory courses in Presence Oriented Psychotherapy and a two year course in the same to begin from 2017 with international trainers. 
  • Working on long term projects with the following schools and organizations: (ranging from one or over two years) :

    - Akanksha run Municipal School at Kasarwadi (Mindfulness for teachers, students and school system)
    - Swadha, a Waldorf School (Mindfulness for teachers and students)
    - Tara Mobile Creche (Mindfulness for the supervisory staff)

  • Increasing work with schools with volunteer run Mindfulness programs to begin from 2017
  • Continuation of ongoing programs like MBCT, Mindfulness for Families, Listening programs and community based programs. 


Just Being Center