CSR initiatives of Citi India

Child Welfare

Children are the future of the nation. In India, approximately 50% of children do not have access to education and more than 50% are malnourished. At Citi, we continue to support, in our small way, the organizations that are working to change these statistics.

In 2011, Citi contributed INR 132,634 to Akshaya Patra, which runs the world's largest NGO midday meal program for underprivileged school children. The meal is an incentive for the children to continue their education and helps reduce dropout rates. Activities of Cankids, an arm of Indian Cancer Society and SRCC- Society for Rehabilitation of Crippled Children were supported through sponsorships of INR 300,000 and INR 2,500,000 respectively.

Victory Arts Foundation (VAF), a not-for-profit organization which leverages the power of performing arts to bring joy to underprivileged, specially challenged and visually impaired children, was encouraged to accelerate its activities. Citi invited the children of Victory Arts Foundation to perform at the 2011 Citi Micro Entrepreneur Awards program, where over 350 clients, regulators and other key stakeholders were present. Victory Arts Foundation was given a contribution of INR 350,000. To help reduce maternal mortality, newborn mortality, malnutrition and domestic violence in the urban slums, a contribution of INR 50,000 was made to the Society For Nutrition, Education and Health Action.

Supporting local causes

Citi also lends need-based support to NGOs who are effectively addressing pressing issues of individual communities. In 2011, Citi extended support to causes such as Animal Welfare, Education and Healthcare, through contributions to Apna Home Charitable Trust for Animal Welfare, Navjyoti India Foundation, Habitat For Humanity India Trust and Sahachari Foundation.

Computer contribution

In today's virtual world, computer and education walk hand-in-hand. Computer access can open endless doors of knowledge for children and trigger fun-filled and self-empowered learning. In 2010, Citi India decided to put their old computers to new use by launching ‘Citi Cares’, a Computer Contribution program. The objective was to refurbish our old computers and donate them to NGOs across the country.

Thi s program wi tnessed an overwhelming response and 800 old computers have been renovated and donated to 25 organizations across India in the last two years. These machines are in excellent working condition and accompanied by all necessary peripherals. They have benefited children supported by NGOs l ike Akanksha, Mel jol , Pratham, Teach for India and the Shiv Nadar Foundation.