CSR initiatives of Citi India

The Corporate Citizenship function is the umbrella entity for all Corporate Social Responsibility activities undertaken by Citi India. Our philosophy of Social Responsibility is based on the key pillars of – Grants made by Citi Foundation; Employee Engagement with Communities; and Local Charitable Contributions and Sponsorships.

Citi is committed to promoting inclusive growth through economic empowerment and through Citi Foundation, the global philanthropic arm of Citigroup, we support programs that enable the poor to access the formal financial sector, improve production skills, establish sustainable enterprises and manage their finances better. In 2012 Citi India partnered with 11 NGOs and committed grants totaling more than INR 98 million towards Financial Capability and Asset Building, Youth Education and Livelihoods, Enterprise Development and Microfinance. Since 1999, such Citi Foundation grants have catalyzed opportunities for approximately 1.65 million people across the country through innovative projects with over 24 NGOs.

Complementing this grant program are the employees of Citi, who are active advocates of the ‘more than philanthropy approach’ and several of them engage and volunteer with our NGO partners as Business Champions and Board members, providing key inputs on strategy, operations and management. In 2012, over 5,500 employees in India, along with their friends and families, participated in the Citi Global Community Day We partnered with Concern India Foundation and over 50 NGOs across Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, to host large Community Carnival Fundraiser events. To encourage employee engagement, Citi also extends sabbatical support to two employees each year, who are selected for the Teach For India fellowship program. The year 2012 saw 135 employees register for the fellowship. Our Payroll Giving Program enables employees across the country to make regular donations to their ‘cause’ of choice. In 2012, an average of 350 employees contributed about INR 2.8 million to six NGOs each month.

As part of its local engagement with communities, Citi India also supports an array of cultural causes. We have co-created the Citi-NCPA Aadi Anant Festival of Indian Music, instituted a program to award scholarships to deserving musicians and are the chief patrons of the Symphony Orchestra of India.

In October 2011, we set up the Citi India Diversity Council, to recognize, value and affirm the importance of diversity within our workforce. The Citi Woman Leader Award instituted in 2010 is the first and the only program of its kind that recognizes the leadership potential of young female talent on premier Business School campuses.

  • Employability Education for India's Youth Program


    Employability Education for India's Youth Program The underprivileged, rural and semi-urban youth face a whole set of different challenges when seeking employment. With access to fewer resources than their urban counterparts, these young men and women rely significantly on their colleges and universities to equip them for a job.
  • Sustainable Livelihoods for Rural Producers Program


    Sustainable Livelihoods for Rural Producers Program The grandeur of the mighty Himalayas is enticing but for those living in the remote hill villages of Uttarakhand, earning a living is very challenging since agriculture is labor intensive and offers meager returns.
  • Desert Pastorale Program


    Sustainable Livelihoods for Rural Producers Program India has a rich heritage and an elaborate tapestry of traditional handicrafts, but unfortunately artisans and craftsmen remain undervalued and continue to teether on the brink of collapse living a life of destitution and indignity.
  • Green for the Green - Investor Forum 2011


    Green for the Green - Investor Forum 2011 The Citi Foundation has always encouraged those who encourage sustainable growth.
  • Crafting an equitable future


    Crafting an equitable future In 2011, we supported Sarba Shanti Ayog (SSA), a Kolkata-based organization that creates prosperity by empowering and providing livelihood opportunities for craft groups and marginalized communities residing in India and promotes fair trade as a way of life.
  • E-nabling Micro Savings


    E-nabling Micro Savings Cashpor Micro Credit is a poverty-focused, not-for-profit company that provides microfinance exclusively to women who live below the poverty line in eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
  • Art and Culture


    Art and Culture Citi extends its support to an array of cultural and social causes, as part of its local engagement with communities.
  • Aflatoun


    Aflatoun Aflatoun considers teachers as the true change agents; hence, before teaching the students, the teachers are taught. Dedicated workshops are conducted by experienced trainers wherein the teachers are introduced to progressive teaching methodologies which help children connect with the program and participate actively.
  • Micro Finance


    For many households the usage of high-quality, low-cost financial services can be a critical first step towards achieving financial stability and building long-term financial assets. Consumers need safe and reliable ways to engage in the local economy and conduct basic financial transactions. Further, research has shown that households with access to fairly priced and appropriate financial products are more likely to save on a regular basis and use credit products to accelerate the asset building process. Accordingly, the Citi supports Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and other non-profit organizations who seek to increase the supply of asset building financial products and services.
  • Child Welfare


    Children are the future of the nation. In India, approximately 50% of children do not have access to education and more than 50% are malnourished. At Citi, we continue to support, in our small way, the organizations that are working to change these statistics. In 2011, Citi contributed INR 132,634 to Akshaya Patra, which runs the world's largest NGO midday meal program for underprivileged school children. The meal is an incentive for the children to continue their education and helps reduce dropout rates.
For more information on Citi India’s Corporate Citizenship activities, write to corporatecitizenship@citi.com