CSR initiatives of Citi India

Sustainable Livelihoods for Rural Producers Program

The grandeur of the mighty Himalayas is enticing but for those living in the remote hill villages of Uttarakhand, earning a living is very challenging since agriculture is labor intensive and offers meager returns. As male members of the family migrate to cities to supplement the family income, it is the rural women who form the backbone of the mountain economy. Women are therefore increasingly seeking alternate income generating options that are not labor intensive and generate higher returns.

To enhance the economic development of this terrain, Citi has joined hands with Appropriate Technology India (AT India), a non-governmental organization that works with mountain communities in Uttarakhand, offering them innovative alternatives to subsistence agriculture. The focus is on sericulture, cultivation of certified organic spices, beekeeping and honey production. Each of these activities has been selected keeping in mind the existing skills of the community and their balance with the critical mountain ecosystem.

This Citi funded program supports the livelihood of rural producers, mostly women. It empowers women entrepreneurs engaged in the production of silk, honey and organic spices by providing intensive capacity building, microfinance and market linkages. This program augments their household income and investment capacity to make their micro enterprises sustainable.