Case Study - CSR initiatives of Forbes Marshall


Forbes Marshall supports 'Gammatwadis' or fun preschools that prepare young children for formal schooling. Launched in 1999, this initiative has now matured and is running successfully. We have also partnered with the local municipal authorities to extend in service training programs to more than a hundred balwadi teachers.

Forbes Marshall also supports 'Akanksha' an NGO involved in teaching and supporting children by giving them a strong educational foundation, a good time, self esteem and values, and help them plan a steady livelihood as a step towards improving their standard of living.

Our 'Prerna Kendras' or motivational centers for children from municipal schools, 'Balbhavans' or activity centres, study hall facilities at our Welfare Centre and support to the 'School Library Project' are some of the other programs we are involved with to ignite young minds, build self esteem and inculcate values for a socially responsible community.

The Livelihood Advanced Business School (LABS) program developed by Dr. Reddy's Foundation, Hyderabad trains the youth from under privileged backgrounds to earn a livelihood. Forbes Marshall collaborates with LABS to run their programs in Pune and has been successful in tapping opportunities in the hospitality and service sectors. These opportunities have enabled the youngsters to earn a steady income and aspire for an improved standard of living.

Education - CSR initiatives of Forbes Marshall
Education - CSR initiatives of Forbes Marshall
Education - CSR initiatives of Forbes Marshall