Case Study - CSR initiatives of Forbes Marshall

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment - csr initiatives of Forbes Marshall

140 Self Help Groups (SHG) in Kasarwadi, Bopkhel and Morwadi, two federations. more than 2800 members. one credit cooperative society.transactions worth lakhs of rupees. considerable number of women starting their own business. and that is not enough! The women want to touch the sky!

Apart from meeting their financial needs, a very important impact of this initiative is that there are almost no child marriages, which were prevalent earlier. The number of girls studying for graduation and post graduation courses has increased. Women who were home bound have now started coming together out of their homes for meetings, going to banks and even approaching Government officials for their civil rights. Their negotiation skills have developed. Awareness in terms of health, hygiene and legal rights has increased and the quality of life has been positively impacted. Through this platform, many awareness and skill building programmes for women are conducted. Some women are now looking beyond their needs and have started helping people in their community.


Women Empowerment - csr initiatives of Forbes Marshall